Brand + Product Designer
Background: This product is a consumer sentiment data analytics and social media platform that revolves around hip hop culture. The primary objective of this platform was to address the disconnect between new and old generations that lack respect for each others craft.
In order to complete the groundwork necessary for future development of the alpha, the company partnered with me to help generate its brand identity and phase 1 of the platform design.
Project Brief
To design an Elizabeth Suzann lookbook featuring their SS17 collections and distinct brand story.
Elizabeth Suzann is an ethical clothing design studio homegrown in Nashville, TN. Their vision, founded on sustainability and careful consumption, drives their ethos and differentiates the products they create.

ES functions primarily as an e-commerce business, however they conduct all production operations in-house which ties a uniquely personal touch to each garment. Considering the strength of the story ES had built digitally, through e-commerce & social channels, I proposed the production of a brand book that would serve as a tactile representation of their ethos and further extend their story to customers.
Brand Story Lookbook
Organization Type
Clothing Design Studio
2 weeks
Nashville, TN
primary logo
The primary logo is comprised of the brand name "Rapchr" fully spelled out in all-caps. The highlight of this logo, is the initial"R" which integrates the visual of a record, an ode to the humble beginnings of Hip Hop and music in general. The letters after the initial"R" have a decreased font size to draw the eye to the first letter and embedded iconography.
secondary logo
This logo is to be used as a secondary identifier for the Rapchr brand.It is simple yet iconic and includes all the important elements of the primary logo. Its use adapts to a multitude of environments. For example the primary logo may work at the top of a website, whereas the secondary logo may be utilized in a profile photo on social media.
The use of a sans-serif font is imperative to the legibility and often recognition of iconic brands. The only drawback is they sometimes lack personality. Adversely, serif fonts have historically been used by many notable newspapers & publications, consequently drawing an association with dated platforms that may be behind the curve. Since Rapchr is cutting-edge and modern, I’ve selected the "Comfortaa" typeface, as its rounded strokes provide a more inviting feel while maintaining simplicity.
color palette
A vivid yet muted palette, layers on another dimension of warmth and approachability, playing on the plat- forms focus on fostering community.
brand identity assets
artist profile
Through this view, users are able to view high level artist info, thier top skills by rank, and add an artist to their favorites.
user ranking ui
timeline page
3-panel timeline page that expands as a user drills into post details and a user profile preview.
"Our customers have a strong affinity for Elizabeth Suzann and our ethos. The creation of this brand book is the perfect momento to tell our story."
Shade Bakare
Hey, I'm Shade Bakare. An Atlanta-based Product Designer + digital nomad with a passion for curating relevant digital experiences at the intersection of simplicity and authenticity. I partner with my clients to draw the connections between who they are, why they are, and what they do to strategically position them to stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter digital experiences.
Is your name really pronounced "Shade"?
Nope. It's pronounced "shah-day". Exactly like the British-Pop singer Sade Adu. Haven't heard of her? Click here. Thank me later :)
Quick facts
1. I am a "full-stack" Product Designer with 5+ years of experience across Research, Interaction/Visual Design, and a sprinkle of FED.

2. I spent a little over 3 years as a Digital Product Designer and Strategist for the global consulting firm, Accenture Interactive, where I led efforts to transform and revitalize digital experiences for some of the world’s largest companies.

3. Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures is a huge passion of mine! I take great pride in my carefully manicured Instagram profile @fola.shade.

4. I think yoga, meditation, and all things mindfulness are the bomb. Digital Minimalism is the new wave I can't get enough of.

5. I'm the oldest of 3 and first-generation Nigerian-American. My parents are my inspiration and my siblings are the coolest kids around. #TheBakareBunch

Why I do this work
I believe that everyone has a story. A valid one. One that should be considered, valued, respected, and most importantly, designed for. With each individual comes a unique background that shapes perspective & fuels motivation. Therein lies an opportunity for designers.

Over the past three years while working at Accenture, I simultaneously built an ethos-driven digital studio where I execute Brand/Business Strategy and Product Design & Development for a wide array of clients in order to further define their missions and achieve their goals. 

This work means a lot to me. I get to be the bridge between an idea and a tangible product. The catalyst between a dream and a purpose driven life. I don't take this work lightly as it is my way of utilizing my professional talents to make an impact on my clients, and their ability to leave their marks on the world.
What I am curious about
I am most interested in developing solutions that democratize access to technology and address the inefficiencies that line the underbelly of societies in emerging markets. An enormous opportunity exists in utilizing inclusive design to develop new platforms that create culturally relevant technologies that both deliver impact and generate revenue. More specifically, I am eager to be a part of how newer innovations in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics can be leveraged to reach not only the saturated markets of the western world but the next billion users in developing countries around the globe.
My Four [Design] Agreements
1. Connect to the ethos. Find the ‘why’.
2. Never make assumptions.
3. It can always be better.
4. Design... Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.